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Catering & General Camp Management Services

JAD CATERING SERVICES LIMITED is a leading Catering & Camp Management Services Company; since incorporation JCSL was & still rendering her services successfully to the Major Oil & Gas Companies with the highest hospitality, safety & hygiene standards. JCSL has been serving over 30,000 meals a day and providing accommodation for almost 10,000 persons with different nationalities at different project locations. A world class record was achieved by JCSL on the "Chevron - GAS To Liquid Project" where services are being rendered for over 6500 persons with all residing at the Project site.

JCSL has been rendering her Catering & Camp Management Services for almost 6500 Residents at Chevron Escravos Gas to Liquid Project (EGTL) from more than 65 nationalities from all around the world (Nigerians, Americans, British, French, Italians, Romanians, Spanish, Irish, Koreans, Chinese, Russians, Brazilians, Columbians, etc..) . JCSL is operating currently 15 kitchens serving different types of cuisines from all over the world (African, East Asian, European and American dishes).

Such Services include but not limited to Catering, Housekeeping, Janitorial, Laundry, Field Maintenance, Pest Control & Fumigation, Bar and general Camp Management Services.

The Project has 2 accommodation facilities that is a Senior Camp with capacity of 1200 residents and a Junior Camp with capacity estimated at 5500 residents.

In addition to the above JCSL is also operating the Facility management in the project, which includes the operation, servicing and maintaining 60 Diesel and Gas driven Generators (Each of 1.5-3.0 Mega Watt Generator set), Operation and Management of light and heavy equipment workshops, Maintenance of Water treatment and waste water treatment plants as well as the industrial HVAC units.

In May 2013, JCSL proudly achieved Twelve Million (12,000,000) Man Hours with zero Lost Time Injury and we celebrated the serving of over 30 Million meals in the EGTL Main Camp alone without any single safety hazard or hygiene problem.